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Co-Creative Relationship

The Co-Creative Relationship means that we are equals. I am a life coach and relationship consultant. As a professional I combine professional training, life experience, and communication skills to support you as a thinking partner.

Diane Robertelli

Relationship Consultant
A trusted professional in the world of Relationship— Diane received her Master’s of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Thanatology from New York University. She teaches her clients how to heal from their past, love themselves through awareness and vulnerability, and realize their inner strength to achieve their relational goals.

Diane brings a very special energy to each session. She believes that her clients have the ability to create long lasting change. Diane uses a collaborative approach that is an agent for awareness, healing, and evolving. Simply, she teaches people how to be relational leaders!

Diane uses her experience and skill-set to attain the relational growth her clients are committed to achieving.

Dolorita Robinson

Healthy Lifestyle Instructor
Born in the Bronx, and raised in NJ— Dolorita received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/Theatre from Miami University of Ohio. She began as a personal trainer, specializing in moderate and advanced aqua-aerobics for 30+ years.

Dolorita uses her expertise to personalize a mind and body experience for her clients. Understanding that a healthy body cannot exist without a healthy mind, and that all levels of development are relative to a person’s life experiences, medical condition, environment, and honesty with one's self.

Dolorita wishes everyone a journey toward good mental and physical health, with a new profound respect, not just for life, but for living!

Dolorita's Certifications Include: AmericanRed Cross CPR/AED and First Aid, Healthy Lifestyle Principles and Foundations of Group Exercise Training, Child Abuse and Workplace Harassment Prevention, IFA, and Barre Above.

“Couldn’t speak more highly of Diane.”

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